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OIL + WATER // How to moisturize properly.

The lotion potion is really one of the greatest moisturizing myths.

We aren't anti-lotion per se, there are some great ones out there, but the majority of lotion is water. When you add water to a formula you also add the opportunity for bacterial growth, and the need to add preservatives and stabilizers. While there are natural ways to do this, ultimately these preservation techniques aren't adding anything that is beneficial for your skin. This is why we chose to create an oil-based formula that is crafted out of ingredients that are all individually amazing for your skin.


BALANCE // Word for the weekend.

In my never ending stream of podcasting this week, I heard something that stuck with me which is - 'balance is impossible'. I actually forget who said it, or I would quote. As someone who preaches balance and feels relatively 'balanced' most of the time, I was a little taken aback. Isn't balance worth striving for? 

And then I heard - "balance is only in each moment". Ok. That stuck. 

The truth is that nothing about anything that is happening for most of us is balanced. The landscape of virtually every industry has changed, we are constantly...

FEMME FRIDAY // Paige Appel & Kelly Harris

Mother's Day weekend seems like perfect timing to feature two of LA's most chic and creative moms - Paige Appel and Kelly Harris. The dynamic duo behind the stylish Culver City shop Midland, represent creative entrepreneurship done right. The two honed their styling and curating skills as founders of the coveted event planning company Bash, Please and moved on to set up their own shop.

To walk into Midland is to be transported into a wonderland of fashion, apothecary, home goods and the like - all dusted with a touch of southwestern magic. Smells of piñon, sage,...

FEMME FRIDAY // Bridget Brown

Fortunately, awareness around factory farming has become more mainstream, and many of us now seek and understand the importance of choosing cruelty-free.

Beyond food and beauty, most of us don't pay attention to where the rest of our products come from. Leather, suede, wool, and even fur are used in many luxury items and very few high end brands attempt to make the switch. There is a profound disconnect between these goods and the animals they come from. 

Fortunately. there are some brands attempting to make the switch. Bridget Brown whose gorgeous...

FEMME FRIDAY // Fay Halkitis

If only we could go and visit all of our amazing stockists across the globe we would. A Nucifera Body field trip to be in order soon. We are so inspired by all of the amazing women (and men) who are spreading the green beauty word, and we want to meet each and every one of them! 

This weeks feature is Fay Halkitis, naturopath, facialist, and one of our first international stockists located in Surry Hills, Sydney. Her beautiful shop is home to some of the most well curated botanical brands from Australia and beyond. Fay's knowledge and enthusiasm radiates...