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Los Angeles isn't short on talented artists. It truly is what makes it a great place to live. I'm very grateful to have met the exquisitely skillful jeweler and designer Sophie Monet, who as a Los Angeles native incorporates a style and aesthetic into her creations that feels uniquely modern, Californian, and timeless all within the same gorgeous pieces.

She works mostly from scrap wood in her fathers workshop studio (he's a sculptor), and shares an office with her sister. I couldn't be more inspired by the...


At the beginning of this year I had the pleasure of attending a founders conference for one of our lovely stockists Credo Beauty. I didn't realize how affirming it would be to join such a large group of so many other beauty brand founders. It not only proved that the green beauty movement is here to stay, it also showed me that there are a lot of cool people in this business! 

As in any social setting you have the people you gravitate towards, and January was one of them. She was warm and funny - with...


As we all know the internet has had some major changes over the last 10 years. What once seemed like an innocent place for inspiration and information has now turned into a complete overhaul of our world, and the way we interact with people.  Of course I still find a lot of great things online, but it has lost the innocence that it once had - and definitely a lot of the fun.

Kelly Framel takes me back to a time when everything felt a lot more fresh. 

I found Kelly online many years back when she was The Glamourai...


I am constantly impressed by the women that I cross paths with in my community. It isn't something to take for granted, and I try to acknowledge it often.  It seems that almost weekly I find myself meeting or having a conversation with someone who is truly inspiring. 

Erin Falconer is one of those women. We'd crossed paths a bit in the past, but it wasn't until both becoming mothers that we made the connection (and getting loosened up by a few margaritas). Although she is super low key and funny in person, her resume reads otherwise...


Part of bringing together a collection of women in this space is for my own selfish desire to get a little peak behind the curtain. I meet and get to know so many moms who are actually much more awesome in person than their Instagram accounts would lead you to believe. Funny, open, honest, irreverent, and plenty real. 

The social media space is fraught with perfection. It takes nothing to cast yourself in good lighting and push the mess aside. The things that make us uniquely human are not all perfect, and they...