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FEMME FRIDAY // Juli Novotny

When I first got in to vegan food, the very new blogger world was my best friend. I remember sitting in my college dorm room, on my desk top, researching and getting inspired by the California world of restaurants, products, and people who at the time seemed very far away. 

I now know that I was finding my expanders. Those people who I could see myself in their footsteps and truly serve as inspiration. 

Juli Novotny was one of those first badass entrepreneurial women that I became enamoured with. Her vegan and gluten free cookie line Kookie Karma...

MAGNESIUM MIRACLE // why you should care about this amazing mineral.

Diet as a function of health has never been a bigger conversation. As we've moved further and further away from how nature intended us to eat, the discussion has gotten more complicated. Today you can find an argument that supports eating just about anything- low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, vegan, paleo, raw, ketogenitc, gluten free, lectin free- the list goes on. What all of these diets do have relatively in common is a focus on non processed foods. Ultimately- no matter what you eat, the support stands for eating a whole foods based diet. But is...

FEMME FRIDAY // Nikki Bostwick

I first met Nikki about five years ago when she was a culinary student. I vividly remember her final project which consisted of two raw vegan gelatos - one pistachio, and the other rose. They were absolutely divine, some of the best I've ever had, and her whole family was there to celebrate her graduation. Happy, vibrant, cozy, and funny - Nikki radiates good vibes and positive energy. 

A few years later I was lucky enough to work with her alongside the launch of her online media endeavor Poppy + Seed which has now morphed into the incredibly...

FEMME FRIDAY // Brooke Rewa

Brooke Rewa is an unassuming powerhouse of wellness and culinary innovation. Just when you thought that LA might not need another cold pressed juice bar, Brooke came in with Made With Love Wellness (formerly known as Renew Juice) , and created a product that is far superior in taste and quality to almost anything out there.

She lives and breathes clean living and it shines through everything she does. 

What is truly setting her apart is her commitment to bring clean alternative milks to coffee shops with her brand  MYLK. What is...

FEMME FRIDAY// Gina Holmberg

One of the best things about having a product is connecting and building relationships. As you get to know more about the people you work with, it becomes more fun because you feel like you're in it together.

I'm also always impressed by our retailers who are opening up gorgeous shops everywhere! To see how the green beauty industry is growing across the country is not only encouraging, it is also deeply inspiring. As awareness about healthier products grows, so does the chance for us all to thrive. 

I've been very intrigued by Gina Holmberg , founder of Within Apothecary -...