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  • Meet The Stick

  • Our newest creation made to go with you.

Meet The Stick

Our newest creation made to go with you. Buy Now

Multi-Purpose Vegan Skincare

Why not have only a few products that you know and love and that can be used in multiple ways? Our plant based multi purpose skin care products can be used from head to toe – which means less stuff, less waste, and less money down the drain.

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Despite being healthy, I started experiencing dry skin conditions in my 20s. I tried everything to remedy it – including spending a fortune only to be diagnosed with psoriasis and handed a prescription to treat it.

Intuitively, I knew this was the wrong approach for me. I also knew all of my knowledge about plants and diet had to come in somewhere – so I began hacking my own health and skin care routines.

At that time, the organic skin care brands list was much smaller than it is now. I researched everything from well-known brands to professional skin care products for estheticians. Even the best vegan face moisturizer I could find didn’t cut it. There was very little on the market that felt nice, smelled nice and most importantly, worked.

I also noticed that so many beneficial plant based ingredients were either underused or non-existent. That’s when I began experimenting, and I found so much magic in their healing powers. My first discovery was when I was writing my book Coconut Kitchen. I started using coconut oil as body lotion. Soon I was using it on my face, hair, elbows – all over.

This prompted me to experiment with other natural ingredients and the differences they made were far beyond what I expected. I noticed the most profound changes on my face. I was truly getting the glow and was able to witness first hand how versatile and powerful they were.

When I developed the formula for The Balm – I first gave it to friends and family. Their reactions were genuinely positive and enthusiastic. In fact, some of the feedback I received gave me the motivation I needed to start Nucifera.

Today everything we make is in small batches. I source every ingredient and am meticulous about quality. So many plant based skincare brands start with a broad range of products – each made for just one thing. We are different. We started with just one product made for many things – Beauty Simply!

If you wish your favorite coconut oil body butter did more then try The Balm. Kokum Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Borage Oil, Moringa Oil and more make for what we think is the best vegan moisturizer out there. I use it everywhere, and in the spirit of simplicity, it is one of the only products you will need.

- Meredith Baird Figone, Founder and CEO

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

We wouldn't be anywhere without the amazing support and feedback we get from our community. Here are a few testimonials from fans of our all natural skin care products. Thank you! We appreciate and love you all!

A friend of mine introduced me to this balm over a year ago and I have not been without at least one jar of it since. It's all the benefits of coconut oil that we read about constantly, but with the addition of so many other wonderful, good for you things. And all with this incredible scent that is light and unobtrusive, but still calming and lovely. I use this all over - my face, my hair, my cuticles, my eight year old daughter (who also loves the scent). It's just a wonderful product. I highly recommend.

Amy C

If you are looking for a one stop does it all, leaves you glowing, and actually heals your skin from the inside out, this is your one stop shop. I use it on my body from head to toe, and even as a pomade for perfect beachy wave hair. Works even better than Neosporin and Eucerin without all the harmful chemicals. This is always a go-to. Family run, and ethical biz also!

Lauren P

I can’t say enough good things about this product. It’s become a mainstay in my beauty regime (which is pretty minimal: focusing on quality over quantity). At first I thought it was just coconut oil, but it’s not. It also has ingredients like avocado oil and mango butter. Super yummy. The last thing I’ll say about this product is that it HEALED my daughters diaper rash. Like in a day. She has never suffered from it since then. If I see any redness or irritation coming on, I bust out the Nuci.

Hayley C

Know Your Labels

Here's some commonly asked questions and answers to help you choose what's right for you.

paraben free moisturizer

What is Paraben Free?

Parabens are synthetic chemicals widely used as preservatives to prolong shelf life. They are also necessary if you have water as an ingredient. This is why the best paraben free body lotion isn’t a lotion at all. The best paraben free moisturizer for dry skin is a balm applied to damp skin. This method mixes the oil and water directly on your skin instead of inside the bottle. The Balm is paraben free and best when applied right after bathing.

cruelty free lotion

What is Cruelty Free?

A cruelty free face moisturizer simply means the product and its ingredients weren’t tested on animals. Some companies don’t conduct animal testing unless required by law. This means they still do animal testing if they sell in countries like China. We think the best cruelty free moisturizer is one that is certified by an accredited cruelty free program. Nucifera is Leaping Bunny certified and we do not sell in countries like China.

gluten free face products

What is Gluten Free?

Most people don’t realize that gluten makes its way into many products outside of food. Gluten free cosmetics are products that are free of the glue-like proteins found in most grains. If you are sensitive to gluten you might want to reduce your exposure by seeking gluten free skin care products as your body will absorb 60% of what you put on it. All Nucifera products are free of gluten.

best vegan face moisturizer

What is Vegan?

Vegan beauty is one of the fastest growing markets today. Vegan skin care products are plant based and use no animal derived ingredients. Read your labels closely as not all products made with plant based ingredients are vegan. You might see a product advertising itself as plant based but it could also contain beeswax, lanolin, keratin and more. The Balm is 100% vegan and we think it’s one of the best vegan skincare products out there.

top pregnancy skin care products that work

What is Pregnancy Safe?

The information on pregnancy skin care products is confusing – especially when it comes to essential oils. While highly concentrated amounts of them can be irritating, many of the best organic skin care products contain them. That said, we prefer products that are mild, clean and safe for sensitive skin. I created Nucifera while pregnant, so our essential oil dilution is very mild. In fact, I used The Balm as my belly butter the entire time!

top rated baby skin care products

What is Baby Safe?

The best baby skin care products are ones that contain ingredients that are mild, clean and safe for sensitive skin. We think we're one of the best organic baby skin care products out there and have received many testimonials praising The Balm for diaper rash and other baby skin issues. Nucifera is dermatologist tested but every child is different. Some might be sensitive to one of our ingredients so please patch test on a small area first.