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Before I made skincare I made a lot of juice. Now I make skincare and juice. For me these two things go hand in hand.

Much of the beauty movement has been totally isolated from 'wellness' or internal wellbeing. As if acne, dermatitis, and any number of skin conditions are purely external. With the rise of green beauty we are starting to see the connection- that beauty- goes far beyond what is being slapped on your face, and is actually a reflection of what is going on internally. Of course we acknowledge that this internal state extends...

THE MIST // How to use it - even in winter!

For most of us the summer is still a ways away. Maybe not as much for us here in southern California, but certainly - it isn't hot. 

One misconception about the Mist is that it should be reserved for the warmer weather days. Popping a bottle of Mist in the refrigerator, or keeping it around for afternoon pick me ups is certainly one of our favorite ways to use it, but most people don't realize that it is great for winter too. 

The Mist contains a unique base blend of rose water, aloe, witch hazel, and colloidal...


 1. Water plus lemon. Before you do anything in the morning, have a glass of filtered water with lemon. One lemon in one liter of water is a great way to get moving first thing (literally). This is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Sleep is very drying and the water with lemon is a powerful boost of hydration plus vitamin C. This is our number one routine! - Everyday Raw Detox, Meredith Baird

 In 2013 I published my book called Everday Raw Detox. When I look back,...


In honor of Veganuary- all things plant based for the month and beyond! This weeks guest, Helena Soh feels like the perfect fit. In all honestly I don’t know Helena personally at all. I listened to her podcast with my friend Lacy Philips of To Be Magnetic, and I knew I had to interview her for the blog.

Although her personal social media account is pretty low key (including some pretty epic travel adventures!) ,  she has done social media and online marketing for all kinds of big brands- including PETA. ...

BEAUTY SIMPLY // Letter For A New Year

To say this year is off to an insane start is an understatement. I think many of us have a feeling of immense overwhelm with all that is happening in the world.

On the one hand, to start off feeling inspired with positive momentum is what January is about-  and on the other, the vast problems that the world faces feel well beyond our control. Suddenly the little things like 'healthy habits' seem kind of micro to the big picture. 

All of it is true, and yet finding some peace and joy in our everyday lives is...