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BREAST CARE // Why self care is mandatory.

With October being breast cancer awareness month we thought it appropriate to mention the importance of administering the ultimate in self-care - self-breast exams. For most women under 40, this is key to early detection. 

I'm sure that most of us know someone who has been affected by cancer in some way. As women, the least we can do for ourselves is to become intimately familiar with our breast tissue, and do what we can to protect ourselves. In our opinion, this looks like education, using clean products, and allowing our breasts to spend time in freedom...

SELF CARE // Why Care?

Most certainly Instagram has opened the doors to a self care movement that goes above and beyond anything that has existed before.

"Self Care" seems to be synonymous with beautifully curated feeds, bubble baths, palo santo sticks, and ceramic mugs - #selfcare. It has become a parody of itself that seems to have nothing to do with self care, but more a bragging right or opportunity to share your nice life.

All of it, is most definitely a privilege, and definitely not the reality for many people in this country - much less other people in the world.

Who worries about...

HEAT WAVE // What if my Balm melts?

Summer is absolutely our favorite time of year. Everything feels a little brighter and more upbeat. The days are longer and more leisurely, and we love the sun. Especially slathered in The Balm.

So whats not to love? Sometimes... the heat! 

Hot, sweaty, sticky and a little uncomfortable the heat can bring out the unrest in the best of us. It can also cause things to melt - like, The Balm. 

The Balm is based on a delicious blend of plant oils and butters. The base ingredients that give it many of its healing and hydrating properties and...

FEMME FRIDAY // Juli Novotny

When I first got in to vegan food, the very new blogger world was my best friend. I remember sitting in my college dorm room, on my desk top, researching and getting inspired by the California world of restaurants, products, and people who at the time seemed very far away. 

I now know that I was finding my expanders. Those people who I could see myself in their footsteps and truly serve as inspiration. 

Juli Novotny was one of those first badass entrepreneurial women that I became enamoured with. Her vegan and gluten free cookie line Kookie Karma...

MAGNESIUM MIRACLE // why you should care about this amazing mineral.

Diet as a function of health has never been a bigger conversation. As we've moved further and further away from how nature intended us to eat, the discussion has gotten more complicated. Today you can find an argument that supports eating just about anything- low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, vegan, paleo, raw, ketogenitc, gluten free, lectin free- the list goes on. What all of these diets do have relatively in common is a focus on non processed foods. Ultimately- no matter what you eat, the support stands for eating a whole foods based diet. But is...