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STAY HOME // A letter from us at home

We are all experiencing unprecedented times.

For those of us who have homes and families to share this experience with, there should be an overwhelming sense of gratitude. We know that not everyone has this option. And while we are all allowed our own emotional discomfort, it is important to check in with yourself.

It is all of our duty to play it safe and to stay home - not only to protect ourselves but to protect those around us who are less fortunate. And let's not forget how we need to protect the community of doctors and...

THE FLAX CRACKER // A healthy snack option

Despite all that has been going on in the world, I've been having a lot of fun sharing recipes on my Instagram personal feed doing a series called Quarantine Kitchen. It feels good to fill a need that so many people have right now. We're all being called to cook more at home, which is something that was needed anyways. It doesn't have to be hard, expensive, or overwhelming. In fact, it can be just the opposite. Just find a recipe that feels doable to you, make it, and then build from there! 

And while making a proper...

DIY SCRUBS // Our single serving recipe

2020 is most definitely off to a start. I think it is safe to say that there is a lot of anxiety in the air for everyone. All of the things happening that are out of our control have a ripple effect on our psyche. Even the toughest of nails would have a hard time ignoring what is going on around them - nor should they. We believe that a mindful approach to worldly awareness is super important. Educating yourself, without tormenting yourself. 

While the term 'self-care' is totally overused, we still like to acknowledge its value....

TOUCH YOUR TOES // Movement Is Medicine

Movement is medicine.

It doesn't take much knowledge to know that movement is one of the number one things that we can do for our health. All beauty routines aside there is nothing that will make you glow, improve skin tone and texture, and cleanse your pores like a good sweat. We are huge fans of hot yoga balanced out with tons of lemon water, trace minerals, and good old vitamin C. That being said, taking a 90-minute hot yoga class or going to infrared sauna isn't always on the agenda. That time factor gets in the...

GREEN JUICE 101 // Beauty From Within

Before I made skincare I made a lot of juice. Now I make a lot of skincare and a lot of juice. For me these two things go hand in hand.

Much of the beauty movement has been totally isolated from 'wellness' or internal well-being. As if acne, dermatitis, and any number of skin conditions are purely external. With the rise of green beauty we are starting to see the connection - that beauty - goes far beyond what is being slapped on your face, and is actually a reflection of what is going on internally. Of...