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FEMME FRIDAY // Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken

I feel so deeply fortunate to have met Jasmine.  

Although we have crossover backgrounds in the raw food world, it wasn't until fairly recently that we met in person. While sitting around in a causal meeting of minds for women in business, I learned that Jasmine founded a company - Hairprint - that resolves grey hair naturally. With scientists, she has developed the world's first 100% non-toxic solution to one of the worlds greatest cosmetic conundrums. While the rest of us are doing something wonderful, Jasmine is doing something truly revolutionary. 

What they have created, and the message...

MANGO LASSI // Coconut Yogurt. Turmeric. Rose. Cardamon.

Summer is for deep hydration, healthy fats, hefty doses of Vitamin C and of course, fun things to drink.  

A lassi is a traditional Indian yogurt-based beverage. Traditional Lassis are a blend of yogurt, water, spices, and sometimes fruit. Everything in this recipe is as close to the original as possible except for the substitution of fresh coconut yogurt and optional added sweetener.

And... rose. We couldn't leave out the rose. We love adding Royal Sense Bulgarian Rose Water to all things. The flavor is exotic, but...

FEMME FRIDAY // Amber Hourigan Williams

I first met Amber when she featured me in Edition One of her stunning publication Nourished Journal.  To say that Amber has a refined eye is an understatement. She has a talent for design, and an appreciation for well crafted goods that goes beyond what is truly understood in todays world of dispensable content.  

I'll call it timeless good taste. 

A few years ago she relocated for Melbourne to Los Angeles - and after a few long rose fueled lunches we became friends in real life. Amber is funny and has a refreshingly down to earth...

COCONUT KEFIR // Make your own coconut water kefir.

"To ferment your own food is to lodge a small but eloquent protest—on behalf of the senses and the microbes—against the homogenization of avors and food experiences now rolling like a great, undi erentiated lawn across the globe. It is also a declaration of independence from an economy that would much prefer we remain passive consumers of its standardized commodities, rather than creators of idiosyncratic products expressive of ourselves and of the places where we live, because your pale ale or sourdough bread or kimchi is going to taste nothing...

FEMME FRIDAY // Tara Sowalty

As one half of the lovely duo behind the How You Glow  phenomenon - Tara Sowalty @tarasowlaty defines glow. She and her founding partner Jessie DeLowe tapped into the millennial mindset with the perfect site + IG feed @howyouglow to satisfy every craving. They were brilliant in stretching the boundaries of wellness to extend into the realm of travel, fine dining, fashion and all things #glowy. I've found myself referring to their site many times to find our where to go, what to eat, and what to do.

They are truly quite brilliant in their curation. 

Tara is...