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FEMME FRIDAY // Laurel Gallucci

Although the name Sweet Laurel refers to Laurel's delicious and responsibly decadent baked goods that she makes for her namesake bakery - Laurel is literally one of the sweetest people we've met in Los Angles. The recipe she carries for genuine kindness, thoughtfulness, and baking talent is undoubtably what has contributed to her success. 

In her bakery she makes all the most beautiful grain free, gluten free, paleo treats your heart desires - beautifully decorated of course. She is so meticulous with her process that she even infuses her own vanilla extract (to avoid grain...

COCONUT CEASAR // Romaine. Dulse. Cured Olives.

Summer is all about staying hydrated. There's never a better time of year to incorporate as many raw foods into your diet as possible. Not only will eating a diet full of fresh vegetables (especially greens) replenish what you loose sweating it out in high temperatures, you will also infuse your body with minerals and antioxidants that can literally help protect your skin from the sun. 

This salad can be served as a romaine “wedge” inspired by restaurant platings, or you can also use romaine hearts...

FEMME FRIDAY // Nitsa Citrine

To anyone in the Los Angeles wellness scene, Nitsa Citrine needs no introduction. An enigma of the coolest sort, Nitsa has literally evolved into the most beautiful artist and creative right in front of our eyes.

Creative director of Sun Potion, master tonic alchemist, photographer, and über creative - Nitsa makes art her life's work and it shines through everything she does. Her latest creative pursuit is the stunning art project and seriously inspiring IG feed @womenwithsuperpowers that she co-creates with artist Tasya Van Ree. The two of them...



You know the kind of girl that you can’t help but stare at? Tall, beautiful, and with just the right touch of cool aloof - you can’t help but wonder what her secret is?

Alle Weil is that girl.

When I first started working with Alle I almost felt a bit intimidated. What was her story? I wasn’t quite sure. She had just arrived in California from New York where she was working at one of the ‘sceney’ raw food restaurants, and I had to wonder... but once I got to know her I found the...

FEMME FRIDAY // Nicolle Kate

FEMME FRIDAY // Nicolle Kate

With all of our visual feeds flooded with newly proclaimed experts spouting out wellness advice - it can start to feel a little uninspiring. Like the old souls we are we prefer to look to those with a little life experience to give us the goods.

Enter our friend and vibrant wellness entrepreneur Nicolle Brisco.

Nicolle has stepped up to bat as a true friend over the years in many ways. We've worked together, played together, taken many long walks together, and changed our lives together. I've been so grateful for her mentorship throughout the journey.

She defines the vibrant...