My Story

With a lifelong passion for wellness, I have always believed that what’s going on inside is reflected on the outside. Eating more plants, getting proper exercise and rest, and a mindful approach to living are the closest we can get to the fountain of youth.

Despite being healthy, I started experiencing dry skin conditions in my 20s. I tried everything to remedy it - including spending a fortune to be diagnosed with psoriasis and prescribed medication to treat it.

Intuitively, I knew this was the wrong approach for me. I also knew all of my research and understanding of plants and diet must come in somewhere. That’s when I began experimenting with plant-based ingredients topically and found so much magic in their healing powers.

My first discovery was when I was writing my book Coconut Kitchen. I literally started using coconut oil for everything - to wash my face, moisturize my body, condition my hair, etc.

This prompted me to experiment with other natural ingredients like Kokum Butter, Borage Oil and a handful of Essential Oils.

The differences they made were far beyond what I expected. I noticed the most profound changes on my face. Sun spots vanished, freckles faded, redness disappeared. I was truly getting the glow and was able to witness first hand the powerful impact they had.

I also realized how versatile many of these ingredients were and that I no longer needed a cabinet full of products for so many different things.

Nucifera is made from some of the most potent, plant-based oils and butters that I have found, love, and work wonders for me. I use it everywhere and in the spirit of simplicity it is one of the only products you will need.