HAIR CARE // What lies beneath

Of all the skin conditions out there, flaky scalp might be one of the biggest taboos. Most of us are comfortable talking about zits, breakouts, dry skin, discoloration, stretch marks, etc. but what lies beneath the hair and lives on the scalp tends to stay hush hush. Scalp issues are embarrassing. 

But why? 

The reality is most of us have had some form of dandruff or scalp irritation in our lives. Although the problem is mostly cosmetic and virtually harmless to our health, it is a benign indicator as to what is going on inside your body. Don't freak out, but its definitely good to check out what you could be doing to help manage these issues. Sometimes it's purely weather related, or more hormonally related, or sometimes it indicates an allergy that you most likely can control. No matter the cause, it is never fun. 

Part of creating Nucifera was treating my own issues with dry skin and scalp. I noticed that what was working on my scalp seemed to be working on my skin, and vise versa. Most people think that dryness is simply from being dry, and that it should be treated with oils or moisture. The scalp is more complex than that, and flaky scalp is most often a symptom of both excess oil production and fungal bacteria (yes, we said fungal! Sorry.)   You need to control the oil, eliminate the fungus, and balance the scalps condition.  Once you do this, you'll start noticing almost immediate results.

 The Balm works great on the scalp because of its unique blend of antibacterial oils and essential oils. Our combination of oils actually combats oil production and helps to normalize the scalp. 

But don't take our word for it.... thank you to Well / Aware for the wonderful testimonial and tutorial on her success with using The Balm for scalp care. Read up, and try it out for yourself!